Financial Information

The Department for Communities and Local Government requires smaller authorities to adhere to the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities, which requires:

Smaller authorities [which includes Parish Councils] should publish:

a. all items of expenditure above £100 (see paragraphs 13 – 15);
b. end of year accounts (see paragraphs 16 and 17),
c. annual governance statement (see paragraphs 18 and 19),
d. internal audit report (see paragraphs 20 – 22),
e. list of councillor or member responsibilities (see paragraph 23), and
f. the details of public land and building assets (see paragraphs 24 – 27),
g. Minutes, agendas and meeting papers of formal meetings (see paragraphs 29 and 30).

Hollington Parish Council provides the financial information requested on the following pages – 2015 – 2016 / 2014 – 2015/ 2016-2017